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Unintelligent Design: The Scars of Human Evolution

You are cordially invited to join us on February 14th for “Unintelligent Design: The Scars of Human Evolution,” the sixth of the BU Dialogues in Biological Anthropology. This special Dialogue involves eight prominent biological anthropologists previewing their AAAS symposium on the ways in which the constraints of evolution have saddled us with less than ideal adaptations. Watch their webcast on the Dialogues website (www.bu.edu/anthrop/dialogues) at 3:30 PM on Valentine’s Day; then present your ideas and questions to the panelists at our public roundtable discussion at 5:30 (4th Floor, Hillel House) — and join us for the reception following at 7:00 PM!

3:30pm on Thursday, February 14th 2013

online at 3:30; Hillel House at 5:30