Interested in the start up world? UNCUBED brings together emerging companies and talented candidates in a fun, informative environment that celebrates startup culture. With great speakers, games, and workshops, UNCUBED attracts graduates from the best schools in the country and incredibly talented attendees looking to move away from “traditional” careers. Scout (Day 1) - Monday, November 12th - 1pm - 7pm Scale (Day 2) - Tuesday, November 13th - 10am - 6pm Discount Codes Day 1 for students: BUStudent - 100% off Discount Codes Day 1 for alumni: BUAlumni - 50% off Discount Codes Day 1 & 2 for both students and alumni: BUVIP - 50% off

Monday, Nov 12, 2012 at 12:00am
This is an all-day event.
Where The Altman Building, New York City
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Boston University