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Monday, November 5
1:00 “The Constitutionality of Decolonization by Associated Statehood: Puerto Rico's Legal Status Reconsidered” featuring BU Law Professors Gary Lawson and Robert Sloane
Thursday, November 8
12:50 BU Law Review Book Symposium - On Constitutional Obligation and Disobedience
Tuesday, November 13
12:00 "LGBT Rights Outside of the United States: What Are They Like And Why Should We Care?" featuring BU Law Visiting Assistant Professors John Balzano and Orly Rachmilovitz
Wednesday, November 14
12:45 Student Debt Relief: Federal Loan Repayment Programs featuring Heather Jarvis, Esq.
Thursday, November 15
12:45 The Long Road to Marriage Equality: 1970-2012 and Beyond - BU Law's Annual Distinguished Lecture featuring William N. Eskridge, Jr.
4:00 "Health Insurance as Health Care Regulation: Why the Regulatory Nature of Insurance Should Have Mattered, But Didn't, in the Obamacare Litigation" featuring BU Law Professor Abigail Moncrieff
Monday, November 26
12:45 A celebration of the publication of Laws of Creation: Property Rights in the World of Ideas, co-authored by Keith Hylton, Professor of Law, with former BU Law Dean Ronald Cass
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