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Thursday, March 3
12:00 EBA Brown Bag Meeting/Teleconference
12:00 EBA Brown Bag Meeting/Teleconference
12:00 BUSPH Event: Studying Medical Malpractice at the Bedside, The First Annual Cathy Shine Lecture
12:30 Faculty Workshop: Dorothy Brown
1:00 Administrative Regulations without Westlaw and Lexis
4:00 BBA - Superior Court Bench Meets Bar Conference
5:00 Demystifying the Large Firm Practice
7:00 Israel Apartheid Week 2011 at Boston University: Palestine on the Precipice with Diana Buttu, Former Legal Advisor to the PLO
7:00 Global Village
Friday, March 4
9:00 LAW Admitted Student Preview Day
4:00 Myth and Religion Lecture Series
7:00 The Vagina Monologues
Saturday, March 5
12:00 Social Enterprise Annual Conference
5:00 Panel Discussion: "Role of Women in the Current Uprisings in the Middle East"
6:00 Israel Apartheid Week 2011 at Boston University: Fundraiser for Anarchists Against the Wall
Monday, March 7
12:00 Workshop Series on Financial Reform: Housing Finance Reform
12:50 Bill Gentry, “Capital Gains Taxation and Entrepreneurship”
6:00 Iranian Film Series: "The Pastry Girl" ("Dokhtare Shirini Foroosh")
Tuesday, March 8
1:00 Franchising: Making Millions
4:00 The War on Drugs
7:00 Democracy Matters Presents "Is Stricter Regulation of Firearms Beneficial?"
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