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Wednesday, April 24
9:00 Psychology Dissertation Defense of Ruth E. McKenzie
12:00 Focus on Allergies
12:00 Federalism by Exception: The Future of Economic Governance in the Euro-area: A luncheon discussion with Henrik Enderlein
12:00 CTSI Presents Study Electronic Data Capture: StudyTRAX
5:00 Annual IPR Colloquium on the Philosophy of Religion: Levinas in His Context
6:00 Challah for Hunger - Braiding and Baking
7:00 A Celebration of Dean Linda Wells (Glencoe, IL)
7:00 The Climate Crisis: Divestment, Solutions, and Smoothies
7:30 Speaker Panel-An Autism Awareness Week Event
7:30 Sitting Meditation with BU Zen Community
Thursday, April 25
11:30 PhD Dissertation Seminar, Program in Molecular Medicine
12:00 Challah for Hunger
12:00 ID Grand Rounds - Topic TBA
2:00 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): an Overview
3:00 Roundtable Series
4:00 CGS Seniors Pub Night
5:00 Content Marketing Face-off Panel
6:30 Urban Cycling Workshop
9:00 ProFellows's Spring 2013 Online Seminars
Friday, April 26
Submission Deadline: Global Programs Photo Contest
8:00 SYMPOSIUM: Online Technology and the Future of Higher Education
10:00 Zouk Night