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Thursday, April 11
Application Deadline: TransPerfect Translation
10:00 ECE Seminar with Ryan Kastner
12:00 ID Grand Rounds: Challenges in HIV Research towards a Cure
12:30 Why Germany Will Not Run the EU: A luncheon discussion with Daniela Schwarzer
2:00 A Symposium on John Broome's Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World
2:00 Computer Science Dissertation Defense of Samuel Epstein
2:00 Miscellaneous Receivables
3:00 PhD Final Oral Dissertation Defense: Alp Artar
4:00 Latin America, Africa, and the Global Dimension of Literature
4:00 Halo IV Video Game Tournament
7:00 Condom Couture
Friday, April 12
The Empire State Fellows Program Application Deadline
9:00 PhD Final Oral Dissertation Defense of Gary Walsh
11:00 P&G Sustainability Event
5:00 Outside of Office Hours
8:00 Battle of the Bands: FINALS feat. The Music Network
Saturday, April 13
Microsoft's College Puzzle Challenge
9:00 NYC Trip
6:00 Relay For Life
8:00 BU Slow Children At Play Sketch Comedy Show