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Friday, February 22
10:00 IS&T SCV Tutorial - R – C/C++ Programming
12:00 Medical Grand Rounds: EBM: Evidence Based Mentorship
12:00 Dog Therapy
12:30 Innovation and Implementation: Bringing new health technologies to the developing world
2:00 IS&T SCV Tutorial - Introduction to Information Visualization
6:00 Alcohol on the Brain: The Science of Booze
8:15 Being Frum/Orthodox and Queer
Saturday, February 23
8:30 Customs and Laws of Purim and Pesach
12:00 OVERWiNTER w/ APiSOCIAL SATURDAYS: presented by FESTOONiNG // The Inflatable Beehive: Urban Hex // Honeybees & Community in the Urban Landscape
9:00 Hillel Purim Party
Sunday, February 24
2:00 SAR Junior Pinning Ceremony
3:30 Jewmba
Monday, February 25
12:00 New Employee Orientation
12:00 Free falafel at the GSU
2:00 IS&T SCV Tutorial - Tuning MATLAB Codes For Better Performance
4:00 ECE Seminar with Ameet Talwalkar
4:00 John Hull: Discount Rates and Funding Value Adjustments in the Valuation of Derivatives
6:00 Model Auditions
7:00 Bystander Training
8:00 TED Talks Night