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Friday, February 1
1:45 “The ExpAAAAAAAnding Role of Arx in Brain Development and Disease”
3:00 MSE Colloquium: Michael Strano, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3:00 CISE Seminar: Les Servi, MITRE
6:00 Compassionate Leadership
Saturday, February 2
11:00 Finding Your Audience: An Introduction to Marketing Your Photographs with Mary Virginia Swanson
Monday, February 4
12:00 The Walter Rodney Seminar Series
12:30 Music: An Instrument of Cultural Diplomacy
4:00 ECE Seminar with Yisong Yue
5:00 The Global Poverty Project Presents 1.4 Billion Reasons
Tuesday, February 5
12:00 Creating Your Individual Development Plan, Part II: Setting Goals for Scientific & Career Success
12:45 Bioinformatics Faculty Search Seminar
3:00 Genome Science Institute Seminar
3:30 Physics Colloquium
4:00 Student Seminar
4:00 Student Seminar
5:00 “The Odyssey of Gregory White: His transition from maximum-security prisoner to merchant mariner, launched by a singular book on Black History”
Wednesday, February 6
11:00 ECE Colloquium with Jan Rabaey
2:00 “Limits of Turkey’s Conservative Change: Between Confidence and Arrogance”
4:00 ECE Seminar with Rezy Pradipta
7:00 Machiavelli's "The Prince" After 500 Years
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