University Events

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Thursday, November 8
12:30 BU's Road to Washington: An Election Year Series
12:30 BUCH Fellows' Seminar: Pat Hills
12:30 "Jouissance vous donneray: French poetry and music (1200-1650)"
3:30 Sesame Street: Revolution in Educational Television (COM Research Colloquium Series)
4:00 Second Sex/Third Body: Beauvoir, Cixous
4:00 Obama's Foreign Policy: A European View - A talk by Zaki Laïdi
5:00 2nd Annual Peter Berger Lecture in the Comparative Study of Religion
5:30 Inga Muscio and "The Invisible War"
6:00 Bicentennial Petra: Celebration and Trepidation at a Wonder of the World
6:00 Friends Speaker Series - Nelson DeMille
Friday, November 9
1:45 “Dissecting GPS2 Transcriptional and Non-transcriptional Function in the Adipose Tissue"
3:00 CISE Seminar: Geir Dullerud, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Sunday, November 11
1:30 Rabbi Polak Reads His Memoirs
3:00 Poverty and the Rights of Children in Armenia
Monday, November 12
12:00 Bar Mitzvah in Abuja
4:00 Chemistry Colloquium: Professor Robert Flowers, Lehigh University
4:00 Philosophy Dissertation Defense of Brian Marrin
6:00 Around the Italian Table
6:00 Social Butterfly: Strategies for Managing the Flutter of Social Media (Chicago)
6:30 Women's Health Issues in Disaster Settings