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Monday, November 26
12:00 Madrid Engineering Program Pre-Departure Meeting
12:15 East Asian Archaeology Forum (EAAF) Lecture
3:00 South African Muslims and Democracy: Law, Religion and Identity," - Abdolkader Tayob
Tuesday, November 27
7:00 A Night With Noah Feldman, Harvard Law Professor and Constitutional Expert
Wednesday, November 28
4:00 Madrid Language and Liberal Arts Program (Level 1 & 2), Madrid Internship Program (Level 2) Pre-Departure Meeting
6:30 Iraq+10 Film Series: Turtles Can Fly
7:15 1984 Riots - Film and Discussion on Injustice Against Sikhs
Thursday, November 29
9:15 Pre-Departure Meeting: Padua Language and Liberal Arts Program
4:00 Madrid Language and Liberal Arts Program (Level 3), Madrid Internship Program (Level 3), Madrid Management Internship Program Pre-Departure Meeting
4:00 Pre-Departure Meeting: American University of Beirut Exchange
4:30 The Plight of Shi'a Religious Schools in Ba'thist Iraq: A Study of the Captured Ba'th Party Archive
5:00 London Internship Program Pre-Departure Meeting
6:00 Movie Screening
7:00 World AIDS Week showing of MTV's "Shuga"
Friday, November 30
10:00 Burgos Language & Liberal Arts Program Pre-Departure Meeting
3:00 Pre-Departure Meeting: Grenoble Engineering Program
3:00 Pre-Departure Meeting: University of Copenhagen Exchange, Denmark
8:00 Masquerade Ball
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