University Events

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Friday, November 2
12:00 Asian Alumni Business Forum (Singapore)
12:15 East Asian Archaeology Forum (EAAF) Lecture
Tuesday, November 6
12:00 Crisis Mapping During Disaster and Humanitarian Crisis
Wednesday, November 7
5:00 Shift Tour Movie Event
6:00 The Middle East After the American Election: Will Anything Change?
7:00 The New Direction of U.S. Foreign Policy After the 2012 Elections
Thursday, November 8
4:00 Obama's Foreign Policy: A European View - A talk by Zaki Laïdi
5:00 2nd Annual Peter Berger Lecture in the Comparative Study of Religion
7:00 Cinematheque: An Evening with Benoit Jacquot
Sunday, November 11
3:00 Poverty and the Rights of Children in Armenia
5:00 Study Abroad Night at The Agganis Arena: Boston College at Boston University (Men's Hockey)
Monday, November 12
Language Link Conversation Groups
12:00 Bar Mitzvah in Abuja
12:00 Mini-Language Lessons
6:00 Around the Italian Table
6:30 Women's Health Issues in Disaster Settings
Tuesday, November 13
Language Link Conversation Groups
Faces of Global Health at BUSM-BUMC
What’s Your Global Story?
12:00 Mini-Language Lessons
12:30 Can Greece and the Eurozone Live with Each Other? – A luncheon discussion with Kevin Featherstone
12:30 Creating Global Citizens for the 21st Century: Education in and about China
4:00 Los Angeles Programs Pre-Departure Meeting
4:00 International Student Panel
5:00 Responding to AIDS in Africa through Soccer
5:00 Global Issues from International Perspectives
5:30 Towards a Better Haiti: Global Health Through Research, Education, and Advocacy
7:30 A Presentation by Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch