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Thursday, November 29
Human Resources Open Enrollment 2013
Senior Sculpture Show
Interview Date: Paytronix
8:00 16th Annual Future of Light Symposium
9:00 One Million Bones
9:15 Pre-Departure Meeting: Padua Language and Liberal Arts Program
10:00 The Space in Between: Daniel Feldman, Stefanie Klavens, and Lynn Saville
10:00 Biostatistics Dissertation Defense of Alyssa Beth Dufour
11:00 Stephen A. Frank: Exploring My Kodachrome Dreams-Photographs from the West, Southwest, & Maine 2010-2012
12:00 ID Grand Rounds: "TB Diagnostics" Breakthroughs and New Approaches
12:00 Don't Just Do Something -- Sit There!
12:00 Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare: Career Opportunities, Industry Insights and Just Plain Cool Stuff!
12:20 Marsh Chapel: Common Ground Communion
12:30 BUCH Fellows' Seminar: Anna Henchman
12:45 Systems Biology Seminar
1:00 Landing an Internship Workshop
1:00 Genome Science Institute Mini-Symposium
2:00 Anatomy & Neurobiology Seminar
2:00 REDCap Users Group
2:00 Innovative Job Search Strategies Workshop
3:00 Memorial Service for Boston University President Emeritus John R. Silber
4:00 CISE Seminar: Clayton Scott, University of Michigan (Cosponsored with the Statistics and Probability Seminar Series)
4:00 Madrid Language and Liberal Arts Program (Level 3), Madrid Internship Program (Level 3), Madrid Management Internship Program Pre-Departure Meeting
4:00 Pre-Departure Meeting: American University of Beirut Exchange
4:00 Express Workshop: Preparing for an Interview
4:30 The Plight of Shi'a Religious Schools in Ba'thist Iraq: A Study of the Captured Ba'th Party Archive
4:30 Express Workshop: Inside an Interview
5:00 The Lyrical Rationality of the Catalan Poet Joan Margarit
5:00 Boundless Networking Night: How to Evaluate Your Startup Idea
5:00 London Internship Program Pre-Departure Meeting
5:30 Object Lessons and American Material Culture - Sarah Carter
5:30 The Strange Tale of the Richard Lane Collection
5:30 Arbonne Information Session
6:00 Movie Screening
6:00 Citizen Schools Information Session
6:00 ECE Senior Design Review: Day 1
6:00 International Christian Fellowship
6:00 Megaprojects, Megparticipation: Civic engagement in planning projects
6:00 Economics Internship Information Session
7:00 BUonBroadway presents Avenue Q
7:00 World AIDS Week showing of MTV's "Shuga"
7:00 SojournBU Bay State Cadre
7:30 Chesapeake
7:30 Tora Dojo
8:00 Picasso at the Lapin Agile