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Thursday, April 11
MA Art Ed Thesis Show
10:00 Using Social Media in Your Department
11:00 Exhibition: Simultaneity
12:00 Spring Boston Startup Job Fair
2:00 A Symposium on John Broome's Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World
4:00 Halo IV Video Game Tournament
4:00 Ideapod: Thought Leaders and Intellectuals Demonstrating the Power of Ideas on the Web
4:30 “Who Says I Can’t”: Jothy Rosenberg PhD to Deliver the 5th Annual Meredith E. Drench Lecture at Sargent College
6:00 The Future of Bicycling: Tools of the Trade
7:00 Condom Couture
7:30 Sargent Choice Test Kitchen - East Campus Edition
8:00 The Actor's Nightmare Deluxe
Friday, April 12
MA Art Ed Thesis Show
11:00 P&G Sustainability Event
12:00 Climate Change, Security, and Conflict: Preliminary Findings from Africa and Latin America on a Long-Term Challenge
1:00 Literary Translation Lecture Series
5:00 Outside of Office Hours
6:00 MFA Exhibitions
6:00 BU Bikes Spring Party
6:00 Baila Conmigo
8:00 Battle of the Bands: FINALS feat. The Music Network
8:00 Songs of War and Peace