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Thursday, November 7
12:01 view online EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative
3:30 High Energy Experiment Seminar
6:00 Building Bridges To Fix Our Broken Food System
7:00 Navigating the Gendered Minefield of Online Spaces
Friday, November 8
3:00 CISE Seminar: Peter Frazier, Cornell University, Co-sponsored by the Statistics and Probability Seminar Series
3:00 MSE Colloquium: Dario Marrocchelli, MIT
Sunday, November 10
9:30 Global Scripture Study
9:45 Morning Study Group: "The New New Testament"
12:30 Sermon Talkbacks
12:30 God's House Rules: Christian Sustainable Practices
Tuesday, November 12
3:30 Physics Colloquium
4:00 "Yes mom, I am looking for a job..."
5:00 Chaplain's Study: "Sex and the Soul"
7:00 A Fireside Chat with Scott Kirsner
Wednesday, November 13
11:00 Condensed Matter Theory Seminar
11:00 Condensed Matter Theory Seminar
12:00 Schoenberg's Monument: Dissonance, Memory, and the Creation of "A Survivor from Warsaw"
12:00 International Social Work at Home and Abroad: Travel, Teaching, Research, and Educational Opportunities
3:30 Particle and Fields Seminar
4:00 GMS OPDPA Leadership Series: Cultivating Leadership Skills for Career Advancement
6:00 Campus Congress
6:00 EAT WITH THE EXPERT featuring Bob Ryan from ESPN and The Boston Globe
6:35 Betwixt & Between: The Interfaith Experience
Boston University
Boston University
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