University Events

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Monday, April 29
9:30 Workshop: Learning from the Iraqi Refugee Experience in Syria
10:00 Contested Domains: The Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of People Living with HIV
12:00 The Walter Rodney Seminar Series
1:00 Advancing Eye Care in Rewanda
4:00 ECE Colloquium with Andrew Kahng
Tuesday, April 30
9:00 CReM Seminar: "Reawakening Fetal hemoglobin in the Adult"
10:00 Adipose & Metabolic Study Group, (BNORC)
11:00 Using the New B.U. Libraries Search and Website
12:15 EAAF Talk 4/30/2013: "Save Them, Share Them: The Conservation and Preservation of Cultural Heritage in China."
1:30 PhD Dissertation Seminar, Department of Physiology & Biophysics
3:30 Physics Colloquium
6:00 Creative Cafe
6:00 Friends Speaker Series with best-selling author Joseph Finder
7:00 Pricing Looks, Pricing Gender: How Women Earn More Than Men in a Few Rare Fields - Discoveries Lecture Series