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Wednesday, April 10
10:00 Credit Card Acceptance at Boston University
12:00 Insights into the Biology and New Therapeutic Targets for Alzheimer Disease Using Genetic Approaches
1:00 PhD Dissertation Seminar, Department in Molecular Medicine
2:00 MSE PhD Final Oral Defense of Serap Aksu
5:00 Residency of Il Furioso with Aldo Abreu
5:00 SE MS Thesis Presentation of Daniel Rossell
5:00 Myriam Bienenstock Lectures on Emmanuel Levinas
5:00 Historical Temperaments on Fretted Instruments
5:00 Annual IPR Colloquium on the Philosophy of Religion: Levinas in His Context
7:00 BU African Student Organization Presents: The Politics, Policy, and Public Health Symposium
7:00 Montage Double Feature
Thursday, April 11
10:00 ECE Seminar with Ryan Kastner
11:30 Sarcoma Awareness Presentation
12:00 ID Grand Rounds: Challenges in HIV Research towards a Cure
12:30 Why Germany Will Not Run the EU: A luncheon discussion with Daniela Schwarzer
2:00 A Symposium on John Broome's Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World
2:00 Computer Science Dissertation Defense of Samuel Epstein
2:00 Miscellaneous Receivables
3:00 Religious & Theological Studies Dissertation Defense of Anneke Stasson
3:00 Physics Dissertation Defense of Xuqing Huang
4:00 Ideapod: Thought Leaders and Intellectuals Demonstrating the Power of Ideas on the Web
4:00 Latin America, Africa, and the Global Dimension of Literature
4:00 Latin America, Africa, and the Global Dimension of Literature
4:30 “Who Says I Can’t”: Jothy Rosenberg PhD to Deliver the 5th Annual Meredith E. Drench Lecture at Sargent College
5:00 Misora Hibari + Popular Music of Cold War Japan
5:00 Fifth Annual Albert Morris Lecture in Sociology
5:30 GWISE Spring Keynote Event with Guest Speaker Connie Chow
6:00 The Future of Bicycling: Tools of the Trade