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Tuesday, April 9
9:15 Between Change and Continuity: The International Monetary Fund and Economic Crises
9:30 How to Conduct a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Reverse Auction
10:00 Economics Dissertation Defense of Yanfei Wang
11:00 The Wars in Iraq and Afgahnistan: One Soldier's Perspective
12:00 Mathematics and Statistics Dissertation Defense of George Alexander Steele IV
12:30 Teaching Opportunities through the BLCS and BioScience Academy
2:00 Religious & Theological Studies Dissertation Defense of Michelle L. Bellamy
2:00 Economics Dissertation Defense of Myongjin Kim
3:30 Residency of Il Furioso with Aldo Abreu
3:30 Physics Colloquium
3:30 Mathematics and Statistics Dissertation Defense of Gu Wang
3:30 Editing the Music of Bellerofonte Castaldi, 1581-1649
4:00 Distinguished Lecture Series: "Shaping light with deformable mirrors" by Professor Thomas G. Bifano
4:00 Peacemaking
4:30 American & New England Studies Dissertation Defense of Jared Neil Champion
5:00 Student Activism and Civil Rights in Mississippi
5:00 Archaeology Dissertation Defense of Travis G. Parno
5:00 Do Women Get Equal Pay for Equal Work in Academic Medicine?
5:30 2013 Nursing Archives Associates Annual Meeting
Wednesday, April 10
10:00 Credit Card Acceptance at Boston University
12:00 Insights into the Biology and New Therapeutic Targets for Alzheimer Disease Using Genetic Approaches
1:00 PhD Dissertation Seminar, Department in Molecular Medicine
2:00 MSE PhD Final Oral Defense of Serap Aksu
5:00 Historical Temperaments on Fretted Instruments
5:00 Residency of Il Furioso with Aldo Abreu
5:00 Myriam Bienenstock Lectures on Emmanuel Levinas
5:00 Annual IPR Colloquium on the Philosophy of Religion: Levinas in His Context
5:00 SE MS Thesis Presentation of Daniel Rossell
7:00 BU African Student Organization Presents: The Politics, Policy, and Public Health Symposium
7:00 Montage Double Feature