University Events

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Wednesday, February 20
1:00 In the Eye of the Storm: How Iraq Might Affect the Middle East
4:00 The Art of Interviewing with Tom Ashbrook
4:30 The Crises in Syria: A Discussion
6:00 "America the Beautiful 2" Film Screening
6:00 1863 - the Rising Tide to Gettysburg
7:00 Consent 101
Thursday, February 21
12:30 Changing Welfare States: A luncheon discussion with Anton Hemerijck
12:45 Bioinformatics Faculty Search Seminar
4:00 February COM Research Colloquium: The “Dual” Role of Breasts in the Media: A Health Communication Perspective
4:00 ECE Seminar with Wooram Lee
5:00 Israel: Between a Fundamentalist and a Progressive Identity
5:30 Squeeze Box Stories: A Documentary About Accordions in America
6:00 Janet McKee on Vegan Healing and Spirituality
6:30 Getting a Grip: Mastering your Sexuality
Friday, February 22
11:00 Doers Makers Innovators: Making Google's Magic More Magical
12:00 Public Health in Action: Gun Control
12:15 An Introduction to Export Controls in Archaeological Research
12:30 Innovation and Implementation: Bringing new health technologies to the developing world
1:00 Literary Translation Lecture Series
1:45 "Development of Novel TDP-43 Inclusion Inhibitors as Potential ALS/FTLD Therapeutics"
2:00 MSE Seminar: Ayman Abouraddy, University of Central Florida
3:00 CISE Seminar: Ada Gavrilovska, Georgia Institute of Technology
4:00 BU Ethics Reading Group: Christine Tappolet
4:30 Laws of Kashrut
6:00 Alcohol on the Brain: The Science of Booze
8:15 Being Frum/Orthodox and Queer