University Events

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Friday, February 15
9:00 International Conference: Financial Stability and Energy Security in the Americas and Europe
9:00 Public Authority and Transnational Policy Actors and Activists on Climate Change
11:00 Trash, Energy, and Livelihoods
12:00 Medical Grand Rounds: The changing Landscape and Challenges of AL Amylodosis
12:00 Biophysics/Condensed Matter Seminar
1:00 Literary Translation Lecture Series
1:45 “Development of Humanized Mouse Models for Biomedical Research”
2:00 LL.M. Careers Panel
2:00 Post Crisis Implications for Governance: Public and Private Transnational Networks
3:00 CISE Seminar: Liron Yedidsion, Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology
4:00 Music in and of America
4:00 Popular Music and Counterculture in South Korea
4:30 Laws of Kashrut
Saturday, February 16
8:30 Customs and Laws of Purim and Pesach
Tuesday, February 19
2:15 MSE MS Thesis Defense of Alexey Dynkin
3:30 Physics Colloquium
4:00 Implementation of the Affordable Care Act: Issues and Lessons from the Netherlands and Switzerland
4:00 ECE Seminar with Kasper Rasmussen
4:00 Student Seminar
7:00 Four Talks with Christopher Ricks – Bob Dylan: The New Dylan Alongside Some Older/ Younger Ones – Part 4