University Events

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Sunday, February 10
9:45 Bach Cantata 77: Du sollt Gott, deinen Herren, lieben
6:00 Rabbi Shlomo Katz at BU Hillel
Monday, February 11
12:00 The Walter Rodney Seminar Series
12:00 Biophysics/Condensed Matter Seminar
4:00 Philosophy with Rabbi Beyo
4:00 ECE Seminar with Prateek Mittal
5:00 SE PhD Final Oral Defense of Yanfeng Geng
6:00 Nuba Mountain Crisis Symposium
Tuesday, February 12
3:00 Computational Biomedicine Seminar
3:30 Physics Colloquium
4:00 Have More Money $$$ "Financial Rules of Thumb Workshop"
4:00 Statistics and Probability Seminar Series: Modeling dependence in multivariate time series
6:00 Teaching the Body: Seeing the Unseen: An Evening Conversation with Artists, Anatomists, & Instructors, with Douglass Starr, Edward Stitt, Lisa Nilsson, & Ann Zumwalt
7:00 Four Talks with Christopher Ricks – Bob Dylan: The New Dylan Alongside Some Older/ Younger Ones – Part 3
7:00 Discussion Chinese Medicine and Healing Practices
7:00 50th Anniversary of the Feminine Mystique - Discoveries Lecture Series
Wednesday, February 13
12:00 School of Public Health Forum: Screening for HIV Infection: A Tale of Two Realities
12:00 Cognitive Dysfunction in Contact Sports and Its Relation to Alzheimer’s Disease and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
2:30 MSE Seminar: Yanguang Li, Stanford University
3:00 Hariri Institute for Computing Distinguished Lecture: Ayse Coskun
4:00 ECE Seminar with Alessandra Babuscia
4:00 Rabbi Eli Deutsch
6:00 The Contemporary History of Africa and the Current Events in Mali.
6:00 Understanding and Enhancing the Flavor of Food