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Monday, November 26
10:00 MSE PhD Prospectus Defense of Alket Mertiri
12:00 ASC Walter Rodney Seminar: “After the Liberation: Algeria 1962-2012: reflections on the experience of independence”
12:15 East Asian Archaeology Forum (EAAF) Lecture
3:00 South African Muslims and Democracy: Law, Religion and Identity," - Abdolkader Tayob
4:00 Keeping Time with the Cosmos: The Role of Astronomy in 8th Century Maya Society
4:00 Chemistry Colloquium: Professor Christine Thomas, Brandeis University
5:00 Jack Falla Speaker Series: John Buccigross
6:00 Bending the Cost Curve? Innovative Models of Healthcare Delivery
Tuesday, November 27
7:00 No Queer Left Behind: LGBT Students' Education Rights
7:00 Keeping the Faith Through the Priest Abuse Scandal: A Survivor Tells his Story
7:00 A Night With Noah Feldman, Harvard Law Professor and Constitutional Expert
Wednesday, November 28
12:00 SE PhD Prospectus Defense of Alphan Ulusoy
12:00 Is Lowering Amyloid Beta Peptide the Answer for Treating Alzheimer's? From Basics to Specifics
2:00 Condensed Matter Theory Seminar
5:00 @SchneiderMike: The Role of Authentic Content in Modern Branding
5:00 Art's Abject Other of the 'New Cool': Rethinking the Art/Craft Dichotomy
6:30 Professor Martin Pearlman: "Performing Handel's Messiah"
Thursday, November 29
12:30 BUCH Fellows' Seminar: Anna Henchman
12:45 Systems Biology Seminar
2:00 REDCap Users Group
2:00 Anatomy & Neurobiology Seminar
4:00 CISE Seminar: Clayton Scott, University of Michigan (Cosponsored with the Statistics and Probability Seminar Series)
4:30 The Plight of Shi'a Religious Schools in Ba'thist Iraq: A Study of the Captured Ba'th Party Archive
5:30 The Strange Tale of the Richard Lane Collection
5:30 Object Lessons and American Material Culture - Sarah Carter
6:00 Megaprojects, Megparticipation: Civic engagement in planning projects