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Thursday, June 27
9:00 Professor's Workshop with Xilinx, Inc. (Day 2)
10:00 PhD Dissertation Seminar, Department of Pharmacology, Program in Biomedical Neuroscience
10:00 IS&T SCV Tutorial - Introduction to Scientific Python
10:00 Exposure 2013
11:30 Ward's Berry Farmstand and CSA Pickup
12:00 ID Journal Club
2:00 IS&T SCV Tutorial - Introduction to GPU Programming
2:00 PhD Dissertation Seminar, Department of Microbiology
5:30 ENG Alumni BBQ & Red Sox Game
6:00 Orange County Alumni Happy Hour & Networking Night
Friday, June 28
Last Day of Summer I Classes
10:00 Exposure 2013
11:00 Mynavi Global Career Expo: Osaka
Saturday, June 29
2013 Career Forums: Tokyo
12:00 Exposure 2013
6:00 BU Alumni Happy Hour and Networking Night in Taipei
Sunday, June 30
2013 Career Forums: Tokyo
11:00 Marsh Chapel Summer Preaching Series
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