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Tuesday, March 19
Alternative Visions/Sustainable Futures
Register: Business Start-up Boot Camp
7:00 Exhibition: The Space in Between
8:30 History of Art & Architecture Dissertation Defense of Austin Porter
9:00 The American Civil War: Treasures from the Vault
10:00 Shopping Cart Creation (Intermediate)
10:00 Exhibition: Teaching the Body
10:00 The Doors of Perception: Vision and Innovation in Alternative Processes
12:00 Time Management
12:00 Marsh Chapel: Community Lunch
12:30 GMS Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Speaker Series: Enriching Your Mentoring Relationships A How-To Workshop for Mentees and Mentors
1:00 Biostatistics Disseration Defense of Chen Lu
1:00 LinkedIn 101 Workshop
2:00 PhD Dissertation Seminar, Department of Microbiology
3:00 Genome Science Institute Seminar
3:00 Political Science Dissertation Defense of Robert Alexander Whalen
4:00 Student Seminar
5:00 The Greater Boston MBA Consortium Fair
5:00 The EU Inside Out: A Panel Discussion with Ambassadors of Lithuania and Ukraine to the US
5:00 African American Studies Lecture Series
5:00 With Shakespeare from Kabul to the Globe
5:30 How To Passover
6:00 POSTPONED: Making & Wearing: A Sustainable Fashion Workshop with Taylor McVay
7:00 BU Clothesline Project
7:30 Krav Maga
8:30 MacGuffin Series: The Night of the Hunter