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Saturday, February 23
Alternative Visions/Sustainable Futures
Julia von Metzsch: Midnight at Coolidge Point
Student Exhibition-Sarah Carmody
17th Annual European Career Fair at MIT
7:00 Exhibition: The Space in Between
8:00 PR Advanced Conference: Embrace the Possibilities
8:30 Customs and Laws of Purim and Pesach
9:00 8th Annual Student Art Exhibition
9:00 Graduate Student Exhibition: Rob Camacho
10:00 The Doors of Perception: Vision and Innovation in Alternative Processes
10:00 Shabbat Services
11:30 Red Sox Spring Training!
12:00 Public Health in Action: Gun Control
12:00 OVERWiNTER w/ APiSOCIAL SATURDAYS: presented by FESTOONiNG // The Inflatable Beehive: Urban Hex // Honeybees & Community in the Urban Landscape
12:00 Wrestling at Rider
12:15 Softball at Citrus Classic
1:00 BU Bike's Bicycle Mechanics Class
1:00 Exhibition: Teaching the Body
1:00 Women's Basketball vs. UMBC
2:00 Athena's Players presents "The Vagina Monologues"
2:30 Softball at Citrus Classic
3:00 Women's Hockey vs. UCONN
4:00 Legally Dead by Dan Hunter
6:45 Reading of the Megillah
7:00 Athena's Players presents "The Vagina Monologues"
7:00 Men's Basketball at UMBC
7:00 Men's Hockey at UML
7:30 Owen Wingrave
8:00 Lungs
8:00 Blood Knot
8:00 Legally Dead by Dan Hunter
8:00 The Penelopiad
8:00 Caitlin Corbett Presents Four Premieres
9:00 Hillel Purim Party