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Thursday, February 14
Interview Date: Citizen Schools
Alternative Visions/Sustainable Futures
Julia von Metzsch: Midnight at Coolidge Point
Student Exhibition-Molly Rosner
Interview Date: Rite Hite
7:00 Exhibition: The Space in Between
9:00 Graduate Student Exhibition: Rob Camacho
9:00 8th Annual Student Art Exhibition
10:00 IS&T SCV Tutorial - OpenGL Graphics Programming
10:00 Exhibition: Teaching the Body
10:00 The Doors of Perception: Vision and Innovation in Alternative Processes
12:00 UNIQLO Information Session
12:00 International Conference: Financial Stability and Energy Security in the Americas and Europe
12:00 One Billion Rising
12:00 Marsh Chapel: Silence Practice
12:00 ID Grand Rounds: "A New Role for Killer Cells in Bacterial Defense'
12:20 Marsh Chapel: Common Ground Communion
12:45 Bioinformatics Faculty Search Seminar
1:00 Time Management Workshop
1:00 Time Management Workshop
1:00 Massachusetts Litigation Research
1:00 rivate Networks and Public Authorities in Financial (In)Stability
2:00 IS&T SCV Tutorial - Scientific Visualization Using VTK
3:00 Peace Corps Office Hours
3:00 Interviewing for Success Workshop
3:30 Seminar: Transdisciplinary Research Paradigms in Neurodegenerative Disease
3:30 Unintelligent Design: The Scars of Human Evolution
4:00 Women's Indoor Track Open Meet
4:00 Men's Indoor Track Open Meet
4:00 Coffee and Conversation with Rabbi Beyo
4:00 Matthew Reimherr - Department of Statistics, University of Chicago
5:00 Citizen Schools Information Session: AmeriCorps National Teaching Fellowship
5:00 Express Workshop: Resumes
5:30 Express Workshop: Cover Letters
7:30 Blood Knot
8:00 Faculty Recital Series: Gabriel Langfur
8:00 Tora Dojo
9:00 Wednesday Night Live (on Thursday)
Boston University
Boston University
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