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Thursday, February 7
Julia von Metzsch: Midnight at Coolidge Point
Student Exhibition-Molly Rosner
Alternative Visions/Sustainable Futures
7:00 Exhibition: The Space in Between
9:00 8th Annual Student Art Exhibition
9:00 Graduate Student Exhibitions: Adrienne Stein
9:00 Economics Dissertation Defense of Ju Shi
10:00 GMSSO Blood Drive
10:00 Exhibition: Teaching the Body
10:00 IS&T SCV Tutorial - Introduction to Fortran Programming, Part Two
10:00 The Doors of Perception: Vision and Innovation in Alternative Processes
12:00 Express Workshop: Preparing for an Interview
12:00 ID Grand Rounds
12:00 AMCF Webinar: What It Takes to Succeed in Consulting: Essential Communication Skills
12:00 Marsh Chapel: Silence Practice
12:20 Marsh Chapel: Common Ground Communion
12:30 Express Workshop: Inside an Interview
1:00 Test Prep Workshop
1:00 EU Law Research Class
3:00 Navigating a Career Fair: How to Work a Room
3:00 Chemistry Dissertation Defense of Laura Furst
4:00 Hao Chen, Stanford
4:00 Teaching the Body: Guided Tour with Naomi Slipp, Curator
4:00 Coffee and Conversation with Rabbi Beyo
5:00 Lectures in Criticism: Abigail Gillman, "A German Bible for Jewish Women"
5:00 Express Workshop: Resumes
5:00 First Generation Valentine's Day Celebration
5:30 Accenture Information Session
5:30 Express Workshop: Cover Letters
6:00 Education Transforms: An Evening to Discuss Educational Inequity in Math and Sciences
6:00 Drash 'n Dine
6:00 Spiritual Seeking: Escaping or Encountering the World with Rabbi Daniel Klein of Hebrew College
6:30 North Campus Evening Information Session
6:30 Opening Reception: The Doors of Perception: Vision and Innovation in Alternative Processes
7:00 Free Dance Lessons!
7:00 The Interrupters
7:30 Legally Dead by Dan Hunter
8:00 Tora Dojo