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Wednesday, February 6
Student Exhibition-Molly Rosner
Alternative Visions/Sustainable Futures
Julia von Metzsch: Midnight at Coolidge Point
7:00 Exhibition: The Space in Between
8:00 Dermatology Grand Rounds
9:00 8th Annual Student Art Exhibition
9:00 Graduate Student Exhibitions: Adrienne Stein
10:00 IS&T SCV Tutorial - Introduction to Fortran Programming, Part One
10:00 The Doors of Perception: Vision and Innovation in Alternative Processes
10:00 Exhibition: Teaching the Body
11:00 ECE Colloquium with Jan Rabaey
11:00 Engineering Spring Career Fair
11:00 Recycling Café
12:30 Arts Leadership Minor Info-Session
1:00 Test Prep Workshop
2:00 “Limits of Turkey’s Conservative Change: Between Confidence and Arrogance”
2:00 Phenotypic screen for Identification of Immunomodulatory Drugs
4:00 ECE Seminar with Rezy Pradipta
4:00 Study Abroad: Argentina Cultural Studies Program Information Session
4:00 Effective Resumes and Cover Letters: What To Know Before You Apply
4:00 Study Abroad: Paris Programs Information Session
4:00 GMS Art Exhibit: Growing Older, Growing Stronger
5:00 Global Street Foods Dinner at West Campus
5:00 Study Abroad: Venice Studio Arts Program Information Session
5:00 Jewmba
5:15 Marsh Chapel: Ecumenical Evening Prayer
5:15 Marsh Chapel: Dean's Open Table
6:00 Evening Information Session (Professional Evening MBA, Full-time MBA, One-Year International MBA, Public and Nonprofit Management)
7:00 Women's Basketball vs. Stony Brook
7:00 Machiavelli's "The Prince" After 500 Years
7:30 BUFS Presents The Big Lebowski