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Thursday, January 31
Alternative Visions/Sustainable Futures
Visiting Artist: Dona Nelson
Student Exhibition-Ashley Teamer
Julia von Metzsch: Midnight at Coolidge Point
7:00 Exhibition: The Space in Between
9:00 8th Annual Student Art Exhibition
10:00 IS&T SCV Tutorial - Introduction to C Programming, Part Two
11:00 Resume and Cover Letter Reviews
12:00 ID Grand Rounds
12:00 Marsh Chapel: Silence Practice
12:20 Marsh Chapel: Common Ground Communion
12:45 Bioinformatics Faculty Search Seminar
1:00 Time Management Workshop
1:00 PhD Dissertation Seminar, Department of Biochemistry
1:00 Quick Question Sessions
2:00 IS&T SCV Tutorial - Introduction to Python for Programmers
2:00 CCD-ERC Information Sessions
2:30 Writing a Research Paper: Publish or Perish
3:00 Kamiar Rahnama Rad - Columbia University
4:00 Coffee and Conversation with Rabbi Beyo
5:00 When Feminism Rules: Assessing Governance Feminism Projects from the International to the Local
6:00 Drash 'n Dine
6:00 Teaching the Body: Opening Reception
6:00 The Space in Between: Daniel Feldman, Stefanie Klavens, and Lynn Saville (Satellite Exhibit) OPENING RECEPTION
7:00 Pre-Law Review General Meeting
8:00 Tora Dojo
Boston University
Boston University
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