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Friday, December 14
Senior Sculpture Show
Mugar Open 24 Hours
9:00 Hanukkah/Rosh Chodesh Breakfast with the Orthodox Minyan
9:00 Geriatrics Section Education Conference Series
9:30 Physics Dissertation Defense of Jiayuan Luo
11:00 Stephen A. Frank: Exploring My Kodachrome Dreams-Photographs from the West, Southwest, & Maine 2010-2012
11:00 Anthropology Dissertation Defense of Edward Callahan, Jr.
11:30 Romance Studies Dissertation Defense of Alison Carberry
12:00 DOM Grand Rounds
12:00 Bioimaging Program Open House
12:00 Networking 101: Make the Most of Your Connections
12:15 Physics Disseration Defense of Andrew R. Clough
12:30 SojournBU Central Campus Cadre
1:00 CISE Seminar: Moti Geva, Bar Ilan University
2:00 Hanukkah Candle Lighting (Seventh Night)
4:30 Student Recital-Hsin-chieh Lin
6:30 Student Recital-Yura Hyun
6:30 Student Recital-Min Jung Kim
8:00 Anne Boleyn
8:00 Chesapeake
8:00 Buried Child
8:30 Student Recital-Woojung Han
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Boston University
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