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Thursday, December 13
Mugar Open 24 Hours
Senior Sculpture Show
10:00 The Space in Between: Daniel Feldman, Stefanie Klavens, and Lynn Saville
10:00 Mathematics & Statistics Dissertation Defense of Liang Meng
10:00 PhD Dissertation Seminar, Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology
10:00 Division of Religious and Theological Studies Dissertation Defense of David William Scott
11:00 Stephen A. Frank: Exploring My Kodachrome Dreams-Photographs from the West, Southwest, & Maine 2010-2012
12:00 Pardee House Seminar
12:00 GSI Next Gen Sequencing Brown Bag Lunch
12:00 Choosing a Major: The Right Fit For You
12:30 First Gen Study Break
12:45 Systems Biology Seminar
1:00 MSE PhD Prospectus Defense of Qing Lu
2:00 Cognitive and Neural Systems Dissertation Defense of Elisa Golfinopoulos
3:00 University Holiday Party
4:00 Structuring Incentives Within Organizations: The Case of Accountable Care Organizations
5:00 Dreidels and Dessert with the Conservative Minyan
5:00 Pre-Departure Meeting: Auckland Study Abroad Programs
5:00 Dog Therapy at Mugar Memorial Library
5:00 Boundless Networking Night: How Startup Funding Works
5:30 Hanukkah Candle Lighting (Sixth Night)
5:30 King Philip's War in Artifacts and Ideas
6:00 International Christian Fellowship
6:00 The Science and Discovery of Stars, Sub-stars, and Planets (Texas)
6:30 Student Recital-Laura Manko
6:30 Student Recital-Joo-Young Moon
6:30 Student Recital-Tianyao Xie
7:00 SojournBU Bay State Cadre
7:30 Anne Boleyn
7:30 Chesapeake
7:30 Buried Child
7:30 The Directors’ Project
8:30 Student Recital-Charlotte Olson
8:30 Student Recital-Yeonhee Park