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Monday, April 1
Ben & Jerry's #PintProject Contest
Alternative Visions/Sustainable Futures
MA Art Ed Thesis Show
Sexual Assault Awareness Week
9:00 The American Civil War: Treasures from the Vault
9:00 ART DAYS 2013
10:00 Clothesline Project Kickoff
10:00 Economics Dissertation Defense of Michael Siemer
10:30 PhD Dissertation Seminar, Program in Nutrition and Metabolism
12:00 The Walter Rodney Seminar Series
12:00 MBA Information Session for Employees
12:30 Astronomy Dissertation Defense of Antonia Stefanova Savcheva-Tasseva
1:00 Express Workshop: Preparing for an Interview
1:00 Alternatives to Lexis and Westlaw Class
1:30 MCBB Dissertation Defense of Ransom Poythress
1:30 Express Workshop: Inside an Interview
2:00 Political Science Dissertation Defense of Chien-Kai Chen
2:00 PhD Dissertation Seminar, Program in Nutrition and Metabolism
2:00 Stress granules and tau: It takes TIA1 to tangle
2:00 Physics Dissertation Defense of Luca D'Alessio
3:00 Study Abroad: London School of Education Program Pre-Departure Meeting
3:00 Test Prep Workshop
3:00 Research Town Hall Meetings
4:00 PhD Dissertation Seminar, Department of Behavioral Neuroscience
4:00 Resume & Cover Letter Writing Workshop
4:00 Healthy Cooking on a Budget Demo
4:00 Speaker Series: Jeremiah Lowin, "All Models Are Wrong"
5:00 BU Bike's Bicycle Mechanics Class
5:00 Study Abroad: Summer 2013 Washington, DC Pre-Departure Meeting
5:30 Hollaback! Boston presents “Anti-Street Harassment” Workshop
6:00 Vision and Voice: Master Class with Lisa Kessler
6:00 Film Screening + Director Talk: Snovi ("Dreams")
6:00 JewQ Meeting
6:00 Marsh Chapel: Community Dinner
6:15 Study Abroad: Fall 2013 Washington, DC Programs Pre-Departure Meeting
6:30 Boston Arts Career Night
7:00 National Public Health Week Poetry Workshop
7:00 ZUMBA