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Thursday, November 1
9:00 Political Science Dissertation Defense of David R. Collier
12:00 ID Grand Rounds
12:00 Don't Just Do Something -- Sit There!
12:20 Marsh Chapel: Common Ground Communion
12:30 Lunch and Discussion with Neil Lazarus
1:00 Test Prep
2:00 Multiple Choice Exams
4:00 COM Information Session
4:30 Cover Letter Writing
5:00 Comparative Premodern Studies Workshop: Courts as Contact Zones
5:00 Note Taking
5:00 Resume Writing Express
6:00 A Character Compass Book Talk
6:00 Women of Color Council
6:00 Drash and Dine
6:00 International Christian Fellowship
6:30 The Great Debate: Has President Obama Earned a Second Term?
7:00 The Power of Philosophy
7:00 SojournBU Bay State Cadre
7:00 Eid-Diwali Banquet
7:30 Tora Dojo
7:30 The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds
7:30 The Sussman Variations
8:00 Cirque du Soleil presents Saltimbanco
8:00 Meet and Greet Networking Panel
8:00 SAGE Jam 6
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Boston University
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