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Sunday, October 4
9:45 Morning Study Group: Meditations of the Heart
9:45 Brunch at the Deanery
11:00 Sunday Interdenominational Service at Marsh Chapel
12:00 Willie Cole: AQUAHALLIC
12:00 Ariel Freiberg: Unquenchable Thirst
12:00 Marsh Chapel Coffee Hour
12:00 A Call for Peace: Iri and Toshi Maruki’s Hiroshima Panels & Artifacts from the Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
12:30 Reading the Bible Together at Marsh Chapel
12:30 Thurman Choir Rehearsal
1:00 BU Academy Admission Open House
4:30 CFA Graduate Student Reception
Monday, October 5
Hip hop dance residency with Jenn Weber - classes at various times
12:00 Neuroscience Seminar Biology Department
12:00 Theresa Wong and Powerdove: Lecture Demonstration
12:00 Songs On The Verge - Theresa Wong and Annie Lewandowski (aka Powerdove)
12:00 Walter Rodney Seminar by African Studies Center
12:15 Monday Meditation
1:00 Brown Bag Lunch Series
2:00 Special Presentation by Ned Sublette, co-author of "The American Slave Coast: A History of the Slave-Breeding Industry"
3:30 IED Seminar: Rob Jensen (UPenn)
4:00 Self Discovery: Know Yourself to Find Your Fit
4:00 Earth-centered ethics: Imperative for climate change education
4:00 Asian Studies Fall Reception
5:00 Interview Prep Session by Professor Segal
6:00 Marsh Chapel Community Dinner
6:00 Major Fair
6:00 Howard Thurman Discussion Group
6:00 Artist Residencies 101
7:00 Iqrit Speaker
7:00 Dance for Simchat Torah
8:00 "Songs on the Verge:" Theresa Wong and Powerdove
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