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Name/Subject Avery, Benjamin
Description Mayhew, Jonathan, 1720-1766: Testimonal on the character of Jonathan Mayhew, dated 8th Dec. 1749, signed by Benson, Lardner, Jas. Foster and Benj. Avery addressed to the University of Aberdeen. 1 p. 21 cm. [In the Mayhew Family Papers, no. 24.]
;Letter to Jonathan Mayhew dated Grey's Hospital, July 17, 1750. 3 p. 20 cm. Mentions the honorary degree from the University of Aberdeen given to Mr. Mayhew. [In the Mayhew Family Papers, no. 28.]
;Mayhew, Jonathan, 1720-1766. Copies of letters expressing appreciation for his honorary degree from Aberdeen to the Rev. Dr. John [sic] Chalmers, William Shirley, George Benson, Nathaniel Lardner, James Foster, Benjamin Avery and Benjamin, Lord Bishop of Winchester, Oct. 17, 1750. 14 p. 32 cm. The last letter is incomplete. [In the Mayhew Family Papers, no. 31.]

Collection Bortman, Mark and Llora and Foxcroft and Mayhew Family Papers.