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Name/Subject Taft, William Howard<br/>pres. US
Description TLS, 2p., April 5, 1911. To John A. Stewart
;TLS, Dec. 22, 1908 to joseph Cannon, Speaker of the ouse
;TLS, Nov. 8, 1912 to Samuel S. Koenig
;TLS, 2p., March 16, 1911 to O.B. Colquitt, Gov. of Texas
;TLS, March 24, 1911 to O.B. Colquitt
;TLS, June 16, 1919 to Charles N. Deitz
;TLS, March 26, 1913 to Rev. Ulysses G.B. Pierce with Bachrach photo
;Signed engraved portrait, Feb. 8, 1926
;"The Roosevelt Policies," record album
;"Foreign Mission," record album

Collection Richards Manuscript Collection.