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Name/Subject Indians
Description Clinton, George 1739-1812. Letter to President Washington, dated New York, 26th November, 1790. 2 p., 32 cm. Concerning troubles with the Indians in Michigan.
;Eliot, John, 1604-1690. Letter to the Reverend Thomas Shepard of Charlestown, dated August 22, 1673. 2 p., 30.5 cm. From the library of the Mathers, presented to Boston University by Mark Bortman in memory of Augustus P. Loring, Jr. Etching of John Eliot preaching to the Indians, collotype and printed transcript of letter with notes by R.E. Moody accompanying, and a folder of correspondence concerning this letter.
;Mayhew Family, Papers and letters (1648-1774). 139 items. Included are letters of Experience, Jonathan and other members of the family as well as correspondence by them, also a copy of Experience Mayhew's will. The major part of these papers concerns religious questions of the day.
;Washington, George, pres. U.S., 1732-1799. Letter to Colonel Daniel Brodhead concerning the need for good understanding with the Delaware Indians dated May 10, 1779. 6 p. 30 cm. With MS notes of receipt of letter on June 3d on separate sheet.

Collection Bortman, Mark and Llora and Foxcroft and Mayhew Family Papers.