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Name Bannister, Jo
Born / Died 1951–

The Jo Bannister collection primarily consists of manuscripts of her novels. These include The Winter Plain (R. Hale, 1982); A Cactus Garden (R. Hale, 1983); Shards (Doubleday, 1990, later republished as Critical Angle ); Death and Other Lovers (Dobuleday, 1991); A Bleeding of Innocents (Macmillan, St. Martin’s, 1993); Sins of the Heart (Macmillan, 1994; published in the U.S. as Charisma ); A Taste for Burning (Macmillan, St. Martin’s, 1996); No Birds Sing (Macmillan, St. Martin’s, 1996); The Lazarus Hotel (Macmillan, St. Martin’s, 1997); Changelings (Macmillan, St. Martin’s, 2000); Echoes of Lies (St. Martin’s, 2001); True Witness (St. Martin’s, 2002); Reflections (St. Martin’s, 2003); and The Depths of Solitude (St. Martin’s, 2004).

The collection also includes correspondence from publishers, professional material, printed items, and reviews of Bannister’s writings.


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