Ph.D. Fellowship Program

Ph.D. Fellowship Program

The success of interdisciplinary research at BUPC depends directly on the quality of our graduate students drawn from a wide range of academic backgrounds. The Photonics Center Dean’s Fellowship process aligns with the standard Dean’s Fellowship program supported by the Graduate Schools of Arts and Sciences (GRS) and Engineering. Below is a summary of the requirements for fellowship candidates:

Fellowship Candidates must be from Photonics Center Affiliated Departments:

  • College of Arts and Sciences (CAS):
    – Physics
    – Chemistry
    – Astronomy/Space Physics
  • College of Engineering (ENG):
    – Biomedical Engineering
    – Electrical and Computer Engineering
    – Mechanical Engineering
  • School of Medicine (MED):
    – Microbiology
    – Psychiatry

Photonics Center Dean’s Fellowships require research alignment with Photonics Center faculty members. Graduate applications must identify:

  • Interest in working with a Photonics Center faculty member or group
  • Interest in specific graduate research topics in photonics

Responsibilities of Photonics Center Dean’s Fellowship recipients include:

  • Completing at least one rotation or research program in a Photonics Center faculty laboratory
  • Participating in Photonics Center community activities