MS Photonics Degree

This interdisciplinary program, administered in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, specializes in the science, engineering, and technology of light. The program is offered in cooperation with the Boston University Photonics Center.

The faculty associated with the photonics program at Boston University is committed to creating the highest quality education, research, and professional opportunities for its students. Boston University intends to remain an internationally recognized leader in academic and entrepreneurial innovation for photonics. Our graduates are expected to achieve technical leadership in the development of this field and contribute to the needs of government, industry and the public regarding the effective use of photonics technology.

To accomplish this goal, the ECE department designed the MS in Photonics program with these objectives:

  • Instruction: To prepare students for professional careers or advanced graduate study in photonics by integrating cutting edge engineering methods, fundamental science, creative problem-solving skills and application experience in academic laboratories and industry.
  • Research: To generate new scientific and engineering knowledge related to photonic materials, devices, and systems, and their applications.
  • Service: To assist the university, profession, government and community in the development and application of photonics.

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