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Room Keys

If you need a copy of a key to a room in the Photonics Center basement or on floors five through nine (non ECE dept. rooms), please see Ivonne Cancino in room 623.

Card Key Access for Building and Labs: Zaius Room Access System


To gain access to the bike room, you must:

1. Call 8-0480 to request a bike ID sticker.

2. Apply for card access to “PHO Bike Room” in Zaius. When you request access, be sure to include your bike ID # in the comment field, or your request will be rejected.

3. Adhere to the use policy.


This room is intended for daily bike storage while you are in the building, not for overnight or extended storage.

Bikes without a sticker and bikes left for extended periods may be removed if the owner cannot be contacted.

Thank you for your cooperation.


If you are a Photonics Center guest speaker and you need to claim for reimbursement, please send original receipts to Meghan Foley at the address below.  Please note that Boston University cannot reimburse tickets for first class travel.  Original receipts are required for reimbursement.

Meghan Foley
Boston University
Photonics Center
8 Saint Mary’s Street, Room 936
Boston, MA 02215

If you are traveling on Photonics or grant-related business, please do the following:

  1. Collect receipts for all of your expenses while traveling.
  2. Upon returning, fill out a “Travel and Business Expense Report,” the form for which can be found at: The form is a Microsoft Excel document. Please follow the directions provided at the link for “Enabling Macros” on the form. This will allow the software to generate a reference number for your report. Every time you create a new report, please go back to the original template so that a new reference number is generated.
    1. When filling out the report, the more information the better! Please explain any discrepancies or missing receipts. Clearly state the purpose of the trip and the destination. If the trip was funded by a grant, please explain how the trip related to the grant. This will prevent delays in processing.
    2. Be sure to sign and date the report. If you traveled on a grant, be sure to obtain the signature of the P.I. or Task Leader. If you are a student, obtain your professor’s signature.
    3. Photocopy the report and all receipts for your own records.
    4. Bring the completed report and original receipts to Meghan Foley in suite 936.

Requisitions and Purchase Orders

To order supplies and equipment using a Photonics grant or account, bring your request to Meghan Foley in suite 936.


To be reimbursed for an expense that is NOT travel, please write a statement explaining the nature of the expense, the exact amount, and why it is covered by the grant or account you are using. Sign the statement, and bring it with your original receipts/documentation to Meghan Foley in suite 936, who will complete a check request for you. It is recommended that you keep a photocopy of all receipts for your records. For travel expenses, please see the Travel instructions above.

Student Travel

The Photonics Center is pleased to announce the availability of matching funds for student travel to professional symposia at which their work will be presented. The Center will support up to $500 of travel expenses that are matched by grant or Department funds provided by a Photonics Center faculty member.


  1. Applicants must be enrolled as a full-time student in the University, must have a principal research advisor who is a member of the Photonics Center faculty, and must be presenting work on a photonics-related topic.
  2. A paper must be accepted for presentation and must be on the conference agenda, with the student listed as an author.


  1. Awards are made on a first-come first-served basis subject to availability of funds.
  2. Awards must be requested by the student via email at least at least two (2) weeks in advance of the travel date. Email requests should be sent to Meghan Foley ( In the request, the following information is required:
    1. Name, location, date, and website address of the conference or symposium at which the work will be presented;
    2. Paper title, abstract, and complete list of authors;
    3. Confirmation that the paper has been accepted;
    4. Source of funds to be matched (grant number or Dept. source number).
    5. Full name and email address of the Photonics Center faculty member sponsoring the student. Students must ask the sponsor to confirm support through email to (“Confirming support” is sufficient text from the sponsor. No justification is necessary).
  3. Students will be notified within a week of their request whether it has been approved.
  4. In the presentation, supported students must identify their affiliation with the Boston University’s Photonics Center, and must acknowledge travel support.
  5. Upon returning, students must fill out a “Travel and Business Expense Report” for their home department (or whichever department sponsored their travel). They MUST inform their financial administrator that a matching grant of up to $500 is being paid by Photonics. The administrator should send the completed travel expense report to Meghan Foley, in Photonics 936, x8-4438. Meghan will fill in the Photonics account information for the appropriate amount and send it on for processing.