Purchase Orders and ISRs

When ordering supplies, equipment or services on a Photonics Center related account, please complete an order request form.

Submit the request to the Grant Administrator either as a signed hard copy or via email copying the award PI.  Please be sure to include any quotes or related documentation, if applicable.  Formal quotations are required for orders over $1,000 and when ordering from new or foreign vendors.

For research funded requests that exceed $5,000m a justification of how the purchase relates to the specific award is required.  Please provide this along with the order request form and quotation.

For a list of approved BU vendors, please the Sourcing & Procurement website at: http://www.bu.edu/sourcing/sap-srm/sap-srm-supplier-list/.

If you are working with a new vendor, please request that they register with BU at: http://www.bu.edu/sourcing/suppliercenter/.

Contact Meghan Foley with any questions at 617-358-4438 or megfoley@bu.edu.