PHO Faculty Member Catherine Klapperich Leads BU’s Effort to Fight Cancer

PHO faculty member Catherine Klapperich is leading BU’s effort to fight cancer.  Klapperich is the Director of the Center for Future Technologies in Cancer Care (FTCC), founded at Boston University in July 2012.  The center fosters collaboration among doctors, engineers, and public health and business professionals at BU to develop technology to diagnose, screen, and treat a variety of cancers.  As a part of these efforts, Professor Klapperich is working to develop a blood test to detect liver cancer, and PHO faculty member Irving Bigio is working on a prescreening tool for colon cancer.  PHO faculty member, Professor Bennett Goldberg is leading training workshops and informal meetings at BU for students, clinicinas, and faculty interested in an interdisciplianry approach to tackling cancer.  To read the full article on these topics, click here.

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