Associate Professor of Philosophy

Interests: moral and political philosophy, especially the history of moral and political philosophy, feminist philosophy

Susanne Sreedhar received her Ph.D. in Philosophy in 2005 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She also received a graduate degree in Women’s Studies from Duke University. Before coming to Boston University, she was an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Women’s Studies at Tulane University of New Orleans. She is the author of Hobbes on Resistance: Defying the Leviathan, which came out with Cambridge University Press in 2010, and a number of articles and book chapters. Professor Sreedhar’s current research is on notions of gender in early modern social contract theory. She teaches courses on ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of law, the history of philosophy, and the philosophy of gender and sexuality. She is also core faculty in the Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Program, and co-directing The Mentoring Project For Pre-tenure Women Faculty in Philosophy.

Select Publications:


A New Modern Philosophy: The Inclusive Anthology of Primary Sources. (With Eugene Marshall) New York: Routledge, 2019.

Reviewed in:
Teaching Philosophy (2019): 421-425.

Hobbes on Resistance: Defying the Leviathan. Cambridge University Press, 2010. [Paperback released Fall 2013]

Reviewed in:
Journal of the History of Philosophy 51/3 (2013): 126-7.
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The Review of Politics 74/1 (2012): 139-42.
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Notre Dame Philosophical Review (2011).


Articles and Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

Review of David Dyzenhaus and Thomas Poole (eds) Hobbes and the Law. Ethics 124/4 (2014): 894-99.

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