Dissertations in Progress

The following are titles of dissertations that are currently in progress followed by the names of their supervising professors.

“On Sensible Matters: A Defense of Conceptual Dualism”
Andreas Elpidorou
Supervisor: Daniel Dahlstrom

“The Duty to Disobey”
Candice Delmas
Professor Lyons

“Objectivity and Skepticism in the Animal Cognition Sciences”
Alisa Bokulich

“The Narrativizing Self”
Ben Roth
Supervisor: Professor Griswold

“Spinoza’s Account of Composition”
John Grey
Supervisor: Aaron Garrett

“Speaking in Circles: Metaphysics and Mathematics in Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason”
Elizabeth Robinson
Supervisor: Manfred Kuehn

“The Standard Interpretation of Higher-Order Variables in Modern Logic and the Concepts of Arbitrary Function in Mathematics”
Professor Hintikka

“The Ontological Significance of Production in Heidegger”
Professor Dahlstrom

“Self-Knowledge and Political Wisdom in Plato’s Alcibiades I”
Professor Rosen

“Democracy and Political Incompetence”
Professor Baxter

“Wittgenstein and Infinity”
Professor Floyd

“The Nature and Limits of Forgiveness”
Professor Dahlstrom

“Jeremy Bentham’s and James Mill’s ‘Science of Man’ and the Colonial Question”
Professor Haakonssen

“Approaching Organisms as Systems: A Critical View of the Potential and the Limitations of Systems Biology”
Professor Tauber

“After Aesthetics: Martin Heidegger and the End of Art”
Professor Dahlstrom

“The Philosophical Muse: Plato and the Art of Philosophy”
Professor Roochnik

“The Influence of Leibniz in the Development of Kant’s Theory of Causality”
Professor Allison