Simon Keller

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D., Princeton University

Interests: Ethics, Political Philosophy, Metaphysics

Simon Keller joined the BU Philosophy Department in 2002 as Assistant Professor (tenure track). He was an undergraduate at Monash University, and holds a PhD from Princeton University. He teaches courses in metaphysics, ethics and political philosophy. In the summer of 2007 he returned to Austalia on a multli-year Fellowship, and maintains active ties with the BU philosophy department and graduate program.

Professor Keller’s major research interests are in the nature and importance of individual welfare, the ethics and politics of loyalty, and the philosophy of time. He has recently finished a book called ‘The Limits of Loyalty,’ which will be published by Cambridge University Press. He has also published papers about romantic love, the war on terror, the nature of political freedom, and Plato.

Selected Publications:

‘Four Theories of Filial Duty,’ Philosophical Quarterly 56:223 (April, 2006): 254-274.

‘Patriotism as Bad Faith,’ Ethics 115:3 (April, 2005): 563-592.

‘Welfare and the Achievement of Goals,’ Philosophical Studies 121:1 (October 2004): 27-41.

‘Presentism and Truthmaking,’ in Dean Zimmerman (ed.) Oxford Studies in Metaphysics Vol. I (Oxford University Press, 2004) pp. 83-104.

‘Presentists Should Believe in Time-Travel,’ (co-authored by Michael Nelson) Australasian Journal of Philosophy 79:3 (September, 2001): 333-345.