Amod Lele


Dr. Amod Lele

PhD, Harvard University

Interests: Indian philosophy, cross-cultural philosophy, ethics, Buddhist philosophy

Office: 111 Cummington Mall, room 126C

Amod Lele teaches Indian philosophy at Boston University. At BU he is also Visiting Researcher at the Center for the Study of Asia, and Educational Technologist with Information Services & Technology. He writes a regular blog in cross-cultural philosophy, called Love of All Wisdom.

He holds a PhD from Harvard University’s Committee on the Study of Religion, with a dissertation on the ethics of the Indian Buddhist philosopher Śāntideva. He has previously taught at Colorado College and Stonehill College. For more biographical information, view his ePortfolio.

Recent publications include:

The Compassionate Gift of Vice: Śāntideva on Gifts, Altruism and Poverty.Journal of Buddhist Ethics 20 (2013): 702-34.

“Beyond Enacted Experiences.” Journal of Integral Theory and Practice 7.2 (2012): 72-87.

Śāntideva.Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. (2009).