Dissertations in Progress

The following are titles of dissertations that are currently in progress followed by the names of their supervising professors.

Valerie Williams, “Engendering Civic Virtue in the Early Modern Contractarian Tradition: the Role of Women”
Advisor: Susanne Sreedhar

Ian Dunkle, “Nietzsche’s Will to Health”
Advisor: Paul Katsafanas (advisor)

Nolan Little, “Heidegger’s Philosophy of History”
Advisor: Daniel Dahlstrom

James Kinkaid, “Christianity and Metaphysics in a New Sense: Method, Metaphysics, and Religion in Heidegger’s Early Freiburg Period (1919-1923)”
Advisor: Daniel Dahlstrom

Getty Lustila, “The Problem of Partiality in 18th Century British
Moral Philosophy”
Advisors: Charles Griswold and Aaron Garrett

Maite Cruz Tleugabulova, “Hume on Knowledge of the Past”
Advisor: Aaron Garrett

Kuei-Chen Chen, “The Eventful World of Vision”
Advisor: Walter Hopp

Colin Cmiel, “The Embodiment of Consciousness in
Phenomenology of Perception”
Advisor: Walter Hopp

Guy Schuh “Friendship and Aristotle’s Defense of His First
Advisor: David Roochnik

I-Kai Jeng. “Knowledge and Logos in Plato’s Sophist”
Advisor: David Roochnik

Anandita Mukherji, “Righting our Wrongs: Grounding the Responsibility for Poverty Alleviation in Negative Rights”
Advisor: Hugh Baxter

Eduardo Coutinho Lourenço de Lima, “Influence in Art”
Advisor: Allen Speight