Philosophy+Architecture Conference

All Day
on Saturday, October 20, 2012
Room 1270 on the 12th floor of the Boston University School of Law, 765 Commonwealth Ave.
9:00-9:30 Coffee, Breakfast 9:30-10:40 A Tempest in Four Teapots: an Allegory of Architecture's Aesthetics of Incompleteness::Elizabeth Keslacy:: University of Michigan (Commentator: Jose Araguez, Princeton University) 10:50-12:00 Publicness::Tom Spector::Oklahoma State University (Commentator: Thomas Forget, University of North Carolina Charlotte) 12:00-1:30 Lunch 1:30-2:40 Architecture's Becoming: Form and Medium In-Betweenness::Jose Araguez::Princeton Univeristy (Commentator: Claire Zimmerman, University of Michigan) 2:45-415 [Invited talk] Imagination and the Composite: Reflections on Piranesi and Vico::Erika Naginski:: Harvard University (Commentator: Daniel Dahlstrom, Boston University) 4:30-6:00 [Roundtable Discussion] On Architecture and its Image::Moderators: David Kolb, Bates College; Paolo Scrivano, Boston University Conference supported by the Boston University Center for Humanities and Department of Philosophy For more information, visit: