The Undergraduate Programs of the Department of Philosophy at Boston University provide undergraduate students with a firm foundation in logic, ethics and political philosophy, metaphysics and epistemology, and the history of philosophy as well as the opportunity to specialize in some area of contemporary theoretical or practical philosophy. In addition to the standard philosophy major, the Department offers several joint majors in conjunction with other departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, including Philosophy and Classics, Linguistics and Philosophy, Philosophy and Mathematics, Philosophy and Neuroscience, Philosophy and Physics, Philosophy and Political Science, Philosophy and Psychology, and Philosophy and Religion. The Department also offers a philosophy minor for those who wish to complement another major with the critical and ethical reasoning skills proper to philosophical studies.

The Masters Program of the Department of Philosophy at Boston University is designed to provide graduate students with the skills and background that can serve as a stepping-stone to further graduate studies at the doctoral level or to careers outside academia. There is also a joint BA/MA program that allows students to combine their baccalaureate studies with the pursuit of a Master’s degree, typically permitting them to secure the Master’s degree in a shorter timeframe than normal.

The PhD Program of the Department of Philosophy at Boston University has long been renowned for providing graduate students with a firm foundation in the history of philosophy and in thematic studies of theoretical and practical philosophy – the sort of foundation necessary for its graduates to succeed as teachers and as contributors to contemporary philosophical investigations. Reflecting its history and present make-up, members of the department offer graduate courses, direct dissertations, and pursue independent research chiefly in six areas: analytic philosophy and logic, ethics and political philosophy, history of philosophy, phenomenology, philosophy of religion, and philosophy and history of science.

The Department’s philosophical life is significantly enriched by its affiliation with the following centers, institutes, and initiatives:

Center for Philosophy and History of Science (and its Colloquium)
Institute for Philosophy and Religion
Ethics Seminar
Workshop on Late Modern Philosophy
Mind and Morality Lab
Robert P. Benedict Lectures in the History of Political Philosophy
Boston Phenomenology Circle

Graduate Admissions Questions?

Daniel Star

Associate Professor of Philosophy; Director of Graduate Admissions