JD/MA in Philosophy

This program, offered jointly by the School of Law and the Philosophy Department, allows students to combine course work in law and philosophy.  A number of LAW courses can apply to both the MA in Philosophy and the JD, which enables students to earn both degrees in the three years ordinarily required for law study, not the four years that would be required if the degrees were pursued separately.

Academic requirements

  • For the MA degree, students must earn at least 32 GRS (Graduate School) credits, including at least four graduate-level courses in the Philosophy Department and a jurisprudence or legal-theory course that is cross-listed between BU Law and the Philosophy Department
  • Through either examination or course work, students must demonstrate competence in logic
  • Students must satisfy the M.A. thesis requirement in one of the following two ways:  A paper satisfying both the School of Law’s upper-class writing requirement and the MA thesis requirement or an independent MA thesis

Further information is available from Professor Hugh Baxter or Professor David Lyons and can also be found at the School of Law web site.

For detailed information regarding all Philosophy M.A. program requirements, please see our Regulae.